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A Lake Stevens police officer has resigned amid a criminal investigation launched after a woman sought a protection order, accusing him of stalking, harassment, and using his position to gather information on her.

In a statement released Monday, the Lake Stevens Police Department acknowledged Andrew Thor, 33, had resigned, but the department declined to elaborate or return calls.

The investigation into Thor began after a 26-year-old Puyallup woman filed a request for an order of protection against him in Pierce County Superior Court last month.

In her petition, which was granted, the woman claimed she had been in a dating relationship with Thor since they met online three years ago.

The woman said Thor claimed to be a member of the Special Forces and the British Special Air Service as well as a CIA assassin.

He even showed the woman the “dossier” he had collected on her that included her current and past addresses, addresses of her family members, her Social Security number, her place of employment and where her daughter went to school.

In a telephone interview Monday afternoon, the woman said she accepted his explanation at first that the information was part of his security clearance. She asked to not be identified by name.

But last month, she became frightened, she said.

The two had been at a hotel in Anacortes when he got what she described as a “mysterious phone call late at night” and the man she said she knew as Drew Thor Kidd became nervous.

“He became agitated and uneasy and nervous,” the woman wrote in the request for the protection order.

“He showed me his two guns, one of which he said police typically carry, and another. He unloaded them and then loaded them again, putting bullets in the chamber, telling me how he could get an extra bullet in there if one was already in the chamber,” she wrote.

That same night, he also allegedly told her stories about men he had interrogated and killed.

When the woman started Googling versions of his name, she found a news story that featured Officer Andrew Thor.

“When I realized everything he said was a lie and that he was capable of so much deception and had such an alternate reality, I was terrified,” she said Monday.

When reached by phone, Thor declined to comment.

The woman also claims Thor hid his marriage from her, claimed his daughters were his nieces and impersonated his brother.

“He also made it clear that he could find out anything he wanted about me. He admitted he had watched me. I don’t know what his motives are. I don’t know what his end game is. I don’t know if I was some game or toy that he found amusing,” she said.

She said she sought the protection order, which was granted Oct. 29, to make sure her concerns were on the record and to establish boundaries.

The woman said she has been interviewed by a lieutenant with the Lake Stevens Police Department.

The woman said that while she is afraid of Thor, that is not the only reason she reported the matter.

“It’s one thing to have an affair and lie about being married,” she said Monday. “But he used his career as a police officer to gain information about me, to intimidate me and to stalk me. That’s wrong on so many levels, I don’t even know where to start.”

Seattle Times news researcher Miyoko Wolf contributed to this story. Christine Clarridge can be reached at or 206-464-8983.