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The Seattle Times produces a variety of news and information with funding from outside sources.

These sources allow us to broaden our offerings and provide more in-depth coverage than our editorial budgets allow.  We strive to make the presentation of the coverage and how it was funded clear to our readers.  Below is an explanation of the labeling you’ll see with stories on and in The Seattle Times printed products.

Sponsored by – This label appears with editorially independent stories and visual journalism created by the newsroom.  We accept funding from sponsors for journalism we already are producing and for new newsroom projects. In both cases, the sponsorships allow us to expand and deepen our coverage.  Before a sponsorship is approved, it is vetted by editors for potential conflicts of interest. Sponsors are not consulted in advance about the newsroom’s coverage and do not see news content prior to publication.

Provided by – This content is created by or for an advertiser. It is subject to regulations/guidelines that have been created by the Advertising Standards Authority and the IAB. The content is produced and/or curated by the Advertising Publications staff of The Seattle Times, not by the newsroom.

Supported by – This label appears with editorially independent journalism produced by The Seattle Times newsroom that is supported in whole or in part by funding from a foundation or not-for-profit organization. Although grants may support journalistic coverage of specific topics, such as education or the environment, there are no strings attached to what the newsroom reports or how it reports. Funding organizations are not allowed to review any material the newsroom produces, from assignments to completed works, before publication.

Produced by Advertising Publications – Advertising Publications is a division of The Seattle Times advertising department. The editors and writers produce content focused on products of interest to consumers and advertisers, such as jobs, shopping, autos and homes, in support of advertising revenue goals. Sections created by Advertising Publications staff include a blend of non-sponsored and provided by content. All content that is provided by an advertiser is clearly labeled.

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