Juanita Beach Park will remain closed while officials try to determine the source of bacteria.

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Kirkland has closed Juanita Beach Park due to high levels of fecal bacteria in the water.

The city announced its decision to close the Lake Washington beach in a statement on Thursday, adding officials are trying to determine the source of the bacteria.

Fecal bacteria is a sign of sewage pollution and can come from waterfowl or from other animals through storm systems. Public Health — Seattle & King County monitors bacteria levels on a weekly basis.

The popular beach also closed last August due to unsafe levels of bacteria. Juanita Beach Park has a history of having high levels of bacteria, according to King County data.

“Unfortunately it seems like it happens almost every year,” Kirkland park manager Jason Filan said Friday.

While most King Country parks are along a shoreline, Juanita Beach Park is in a cove where bacteria can concentrate. “It sits in a pocket, so there’s no natural flushing,” Filan said.

The shallow bay with warmer water attracts families with young children. Add summer heat to the equation and bacteria can breed even faster.

Filan urges beachgoers to avoid feeding ducks, as attracting more waterfowl to the area can increase bacteria levels.

“We’re so fortunate to have all these waterfront parks,” Filan said. “It’s just a bummer that it’s happening right now.”

The beach will remain closed until Wednesday, and possibly longer if bacteria levels don’t return to a safe range, the statement said.