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The passenger-only ferry between Kingston and Seattle will shut down permanently at the end of September, according to the ferry service’s website, which carries the following notice:

The Port of Kingston SoundRunner Ferry will be terminating service effective September 28, 2012. Thank you for your continued support. ****SoundRunner Crew

It is simply too expensive for the Port of Kingston to operate the ferry. Fares covered only about 24 percent of operating costs, and the Port of Kingston had to make up the rest, to the tune of $50,000 per month, the Kitsap Sun reports.

“If we could find a partner willing to take it on, we’d be willing to discuss that, but as far as the port providing passenger-only ferries at this time, we’re not going to do that,” Port Executive Director Kori Henry told the newspaper.

Typically, about 34 people take the 149-passenger ferry to Seattle in the mornings, and 48 to Kingston in the evenings, the newspaper reports. The Port of Kingston had hoped for about twice that.