A group of about 30 kayakers in Seattle protested the potential impact of the Kinder Morgan pipeline project in Canada.

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Environmental activists in Seattle are returning to their kayaks to protest another major energy project.

A group of about 30 kayakers gathered around Seattle’s port operations Sunday to protest the proposed expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline in Canada. That project would dramatically increase the flow of oil from Canada’s interior to the West Coast, adding many more oil tankers to the region’s waters.

The Seattle activists are also concerned about the industry’s use of barges pulled by tugs.

Three years ago, activists also turned to their kayaks to protest an oil-drilling rig that was moored in Seattle but was to be used off the coast of Alaska.

The group traveled from West Seattle to the Duwamish Waterway, where they were seen at Jack Perry Memorial Park.

Police arrived and the Coast Guard was standing by in the water after a barge passed. While in the water, groups were chanting “Stop Kinder Morgan,” with kayaks linked and banners raised.

Kinder Morgan said in a statement that the company is confident it can build and operate the pipeline project in a way that respects the environment.

“We support the right to peacefully and lawfully express opinions and views about our Project, and we understand that not everyone supports the expansion,” the company said in a statement Sunday. “We’re confident we can build and operate this Project in a way that respects the values and priorities of Canadians and in respect of the environment.”