Each week, we highlight some of the most interesting or insightful reader comments on recent Seattle Times articles. Excerpts have been lightly edited for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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Upgrade business travel with hotel hacks, proper tipping and the miracle of packing cubes

“It may seem silly but check and then recheck your travel dates. Make sure your flights and hotels match up. I know of several instances where people arrived at a hotel a day early or late and had big issues and also when someone checked their flight the night before only to find out they were off by one day. These can be expensive mistakes.” — Unabacia (June 29)

Opinion: Save Seattle neighborhoods

“I am a Seattle-area architect and a renter who makes half the average homeowner’s income and has had to move almost every year to escape annual $200 rent hikes, and I have a wife and child. What makes someone who can afford to own a home without any ADUs a ‘family’ while my family is ‘tenants you don’t know?’ Don’t label people neighborhood-fabric-destroying strangers just because they have to rent. Get to know them instead; then, they’ll be your neighbor.” — Dale Horseman (June 30)

K-pop World Festival came to Seattle looking for the next great star. Here’s who they found.

“Congrats to these young performers and the competition that brought them together. Let’s achieve world peace through dance and pop songs. That was some of the forgotten ideals of my generation. It is nice to see it come around again.” — Quinault (June 30)

In the Dark: A young mother and son slain. A surprising lead. A family’s 25-year wait for answers.

“It’s interesting to read of the many hoops that crime investigators must jump through, over so much time, while under such an immense and changing workload, plus dealing with the burden of job changes among those people. It’s sad for the victims’ relatives and friends to wait so very long for answers. It’s sad for the hardworking police officers, detectives and supporting persons who tried, despite many burdens, to solve and identify the victims’ killer, and to also protect others from that perpetrator.” — user1098178 (July 1)


Piles of poop, litter on trails, trampled wildflowers. In the social-media era, Washington’s public lands are being trashed. What can be done?

“We are volunteer rangers at Mount Rainier. When we ask people to stay on trail and not trample the flowers, 95% say, ‘Oops, sorry,’ when we explain that the flowers won’t grow back. Yelling at them or simmering silently with hatred does not work. You might think, with all the signs about proper behavior, that they are lying and just telling us what we want to hear. But people don’t read signs. Yes, they should, but they don’t. Maybe it comes back to social media: We get distracted by our phones and can’t focus. In any event, we find patience and kindness are the best way to get good results.” — GinnyH (July 1)

1 patient dies, 5 others infected by mold that closed Seattle Children’s hospital operating rooms

“My daughter’s surgery has been canceled twice. They are not able to find alternative accommodations for all surgeries, so some folks are getting bumped, with less-than-stellar communication and assistance from Children’s — including being told just two days before the procedure. We aren’t being offered any alternative besides waiting, and, to be honest, who has enough faith they’ve actually solved the problem to be the first patient back? We’ve spent hours with other hospitals trying to find an OR ourselves and now are likely going to have to travel to L.A. to have the surgery.” — MrBuckle (July 2)

Amazon plans its tallest tower, marking growing presence in Bellevue

“Hello, Seattle City Council. It’s time to wake up and see Amazon is not kidding around. There are many other places they can go, and they are showing that every day.” — user1104638 (July 2)

“45K employees in Seattle. 5K more this month. Currently building a tower to be filled with more. They’re still growing in Seattle, actually, faster than in Bellevue.” — Blue N Green (July 2)

Larry Stone column: Adidas football uniforms are the perfect fit for the UW Huskies, in more ways than one

“Glad to rid ourselves of Nike. I too have seen the new combos and agree with Larry. Deeper purple classic yet modern look.” — Fan4life4U (July 3)

Danny Westneat column: Our neighbor Alaska is having an environmental and political meltdown

“Having had relatives living in Alaska in past decades, and having seen most of Alaska myself, I have noticed that while many Alaskans are Libertarian in nature, they sure love their handouts by others. And, while most value the beauty of the wilderness, the majestic scenery, the flora and fauna, they still hope for development, which has the strong potential for desecrating that very prized ecology and scenery.” — alfa12 (July 4)