It’s been nearly a year since a Minneapolis police officer killed George Floyd, setting off perhaps the largest sustained mass protests in Seattle’s, and the nation’s, history.

There were calls to defund the police, to reimagine policing and to finally address the gaping racial gaps in wealth and justice that have been present since America’s founding.

George Floyd was killed on May 25, 2020, setting off protests across the country and the world that were originally centered on police brutality but morphed into a focus on social injustices.

Words such as “equity” and “racial reckoning” seeped into the public’s daily lexicon.

Politicians made promises. Businesses pledged to change. New community groups formed and others rededicated themselves to the cause. Rarely has one event reverberated so thoroughly through all corners of American society.

So, a year later, what’s changed? Is your life different? In what ways? Or have the pleas and the pledges petered out, left promises unmet? Have your views on race or race relations changed?

The Seattle Times would like to know. Please use the form below to tell us how your life has changed since a year ago. Your answers may be used in a future story.