With National Dog Day on Friday, let’s celebrate and spread cheer by sharing pictures of some good dogs.

We know Seattle has more than once been named the very best city in the nation for dogs and the humans that love them. And even though cats were the big winners in terms of adoptions during the pandemic, dogs are still the most popular pet in the Seattle metro area.

A study of nearly 200,000 pet owners conducted by dog-DNA testing company Embark found dogs in Washington spent the second-most time with humans per day. Only Maine ranked higher in that category. Washington was also in the top five states in terms of owners giving their dogs health supplements and taking the time to dog-proof their homes. The study also found Washingtonians were most likely to make housing decisions based on their dogs’ needs.

By noon Thursday, send a photo of your dog, their name and age and a short story or fun fact about them to cclarridge@seattletimes.com. Please also include your full name and if possible your phone number. Your furry friend could be featured in a story on National Dog Day!