The Seattle theater's artistic director said that he remains hopeful about meeting the early-February deadline for raising the full amount of money.

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In a campaign to revive its suspended operations and mount a 2012 summer season, Intiman Theatre is announcing that more than $400,000 has been raised toward an early February goal of $1 million. That figure includes $100,000 from the Intiman board of directors and $100,000 from an anonymous donor, both pledged in late 2011.

Though the amount raised is not quite half of what’s needed to launch Intiman’s projected four-play summer season, Intiman artistic director Andrew Russell says he remains hopeful that the funding deadline can be met.

“What’s encouraging is that almost $100,000 … has come through small online pledges from our broad based campaign,” he wrote in an email.

Intiman has also just posted a fundraising video on YouTube, featuring Seattle writer Dan Savage, and other artists who are part of the proposed new theater season.

“We’ve got several (funding requests) still pending, and meetings set up almost every day for the rest of this month. But, we want to remain transparent and open along the way and share this update with everyone. We’re working hard up until the last minute, and if the dominoes fall in the right way we’re confident we will get there.”

Intiman’s institutional drama became big local and national news last April, when the 40-year-old Tony Award-winning theater curtailed its 2011 season due to lack of cash and $1 million in debt (some of which the company has since renegotiated with creditors, including its landlord, Seattle Center).

Last November, Intiman announced a plan to produce four classic and new works this summer with the participation of noted Seattle directors, writers and other artists. Part of the plan would be to give free 2012 subscriptions to the estimated 4,500 patrons who subscribed to Intiman’s aborted 2011 season.

On Friday, Russell reiterated that the season would not go forward if the $1 million wasn’t raised by early February 2012.

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