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Federal Way police found a 4-week-old baby with what appeared to be a laundry chemical all over its face when they responded to a 911 call earlier this month.

Mabinty Williams, who has been charged with assault of a child in the second degree, had been asked to baby sit for one of her husband’s co-workers on Jan. 10, according to charging papers filed in King County Superior Court.

Williams’ neighbors called 911 after she appeared at their door saying “There’s someone in my house. … It’s a baby, and it’s evil,” court papers recount.

When they entered the apartment, officers found the baby on the couch with white powder apparently dumped on its face. The baby was gasping for air, court papers say.

There was a near-empty 32-ounce container of “Totally Awesome Oxygen Based Cleaner” on a TV tray near the couch. The detergent contained blue flecks like the blue flecks in the powder on the baby’s face, charging papers say.

When officers brushed the powder off the baby’s face, they saw that its eyes were “red and swollen, and there were apparent burns on the baby’s mouth and a small amount of blood present,” the charging papers says.

Dr. Naomi Sugar of Childrens hospital told detectives the infant suffered apparent chemical burns to its mouth and eyes.

Detectives later interviewed Williams’ husband, Christopher Peters, who told them Williams had agreed to baby-sit the baby, the child of one of his co-workers. The baby was dropped off just after 8 a.m., according to charging papers. Williams called her husband 16 times complaining of problems with the baby, wanting to know how to remove it from its car seat, how to remove its diaper, and so forth.

Peters returned home in a company vehicle because of all the phone calls, at which time his wife told him, “You have to take the baby back,” he told police, according to charging papers. Peters said he had to return the work vehicle, then he would come back and take the baby.

Before he came back, Williams appeared at the neighbors’ door, and police were summoned.

Williams was also interviewed by police. She said she’d gone to get help from the neighbors when the baby’s eyes “went blue,” charging papers say. Asked how the baby got powder all over her face, she told police: “I didn’t do anything.”