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Sketched Feb. 22 and 25, 2016

I can’t positively say that Seattle has more bike couriers today than when I moved here ten years ago, but it sure feels like it.

Ken Spice uses a huge cargo bike to transport trays full of biscuits and gravy between the two Biscuit Bitch stores he runs with his wife, Kimmie Spice, in Pike Place Market and Belltown. He said transportation by bike is easier than having to find a parking spot.

A cyclist who goes by the name Esra belongs to a close-knit group of downtown bike messengers who often congregate by Monorail Espresso on Pike Street near Fifth Avenue. Riding a bike for work is nothing new for her. She said she’s been with the same bike-messenger company for six years.

Zac Seymour, another bike messenger I caught up with downtown, said zipping through traffic to deliver legal documents is dangerous, but the job is also a way of life. He recommended that I look up “hashtag messlife.”

Keith Anderson met me after his shift delivering sandwiches around Pioneer Square. He said the explosion of app-based lunch-hour food services may be one of the reasons why I see more cyclists hauling stuff around town.