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Sketched March 21, 2016

The extension of light rail all the way to the University of Washington is an important moment in Seattle’s transportation history. For those who, like me, prefer to get around the city by foot, bus or train, being able to go from downtown to the University District in eight minutes is a true blessing.

On Monday, the first weekday of service after the official opening celebration last Saturday, I documented my first ride between Westlake Station and Husky Stadium with the collage of portraits and sights you see above.

Because the entire trip is underground, the experience felt much like riding a subway. As I took escalators down and up from the boarding platforms, memories of commuting in London, Washington D.C., and, of course, my native city of Barcelona, came to mind right away.

Eight minutes was not much time to draw and strike deep conversations with commuters, but enough to see how light rail will likely impact the routines of thousands of Seattleites.

With Capitol Hill and UW stations complete, now the countdown to the Northgate Link extension, targeted to open in 2021, begins!