As a new weekly feature, we’re highlighting some of the most interesting or insightful reader comments on articles on our website during the past week. Excerpts have been lightly edited for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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Lori Matsukawa stepping down after 36 years at KING 5

“Congratulations on a stellar career, Lori. I started watching you when our family first moved to Seattle in 1993 and never wavered. You are such a Seattle treasure; you will be missed. Here’s to a great new chapter for you and your family!!” — JuliBunting (June 14)

“I seem to remember a story where Lori went to a Mariner Fantasy Camp. She did not give Ichiro a run for his money! But the story was delightful, as Lori has been her entire career. I wish her well. She has represented the community and region well.” — Quinault (June 14)

Now and Then? Mariners send Edwin Encarnacion to Yankees for prospect they already traded away

“It was once reported that the Yankees had one of the best farm teams in the country. I just found out that it was the Seattle Mariners.” — RealityCheck (June 15)

“So, the Mariners trade away (or is it ‘give away’?) a player who was one of the few reasons to even watch the team this season. But don’t fret. Even though we don’t get to see Edwin at bat anymore, we can still pay big bucks to go to games and watch Williamson, Moore, Smith and Seager struggle to hit even .220.” — Husky69 (June 16)


Seattle unprepared for deadly heat waves made worse by global warming, researchers say

“What happens when Seattle turns 500 acres of golf course into asphalt? Is that in the analysis? I don’t know where Seattle rates for green spaces, but I took a float flight with some friends from Central VA and the only thing commented on was how crowded Seattle is when you look from above. Maybe Seattle needs to think about its heat island index.” — duckhntr (June 16)

Historic Louisa Hotel, witness to Seattle history and tragedy, opens new chapter as apartment building

“I love history and projects like this to restore memories of the past and use for today. For me, that restored building has more appeal than the bland buildings being built today.” — Savannah is back (June 17)

‘I was just doing my job’: Seattle’s Chinese American veterans to receive long-overdue honor from U.S.

“So fitting to finally recognize the contribution of Chinese American solders. It is nice to know that 68 senators signed in support. Curious, why the other 32 didn’t sign in support.” — user2019 (June 17)

To improve intersection safety, Seattle is giving pedestrians a head start

“These intersections have fewer pedestrian accidents because the pedestrian has time to get out into the middle of the intersection, where they are more visible to cars that are turning right. I myself nearly killed someone turning right onto Greenwood Avenue North from 85th Street about 20 years ago. When the light turned green, the car in front of me proceeded straight through the intersection. I stepped on the gas and started my right hand turn just as a pedestrian was stepping off the curb. Thank god the driver behind me recognized what was happening and laid on his horn. Thank god. I’ll never forget that.” — David in Shoreline (June 18)

“If safety is the biggest concern, I would prefer the separate signals of ‘all walk’ (when all pedestrians cross through the intersection at all angles) and ‘all drive’ with no mix of pedestrians and traffic at all.” — Middle Class in Magnolia (June 18)

“One day, maybe the many taxpayers north of 85th Street will benefit from all those property taxes we’ve paid for the past half century. At present, children, adults, elderly, handicapped — all of us — have to walk down the middle of the road because the city continues to spend our dollars on places where pedestrian safety measures like sidewalks, crosswalks, signals, ramps, etc. already exist.” — john cathay (June 18)

After reporting problems, Seattle cuts the number of Lime and Jump bikes allowed on the streets

“A financial penalty would be more effective. At the moment, reducing the bikes allowed in circulation has no effect. But if the reduction increases, Jump and Lime will simply pull out.” — pragmatition (June 18)


“There is nothing wrong with stepping up bike parking enforcement, as long as the city also adds legitimate designated places for bikes to park. Every block should have bike racks within sight, and Lime/Jump should actively encourage customers to use them.” — BKrunner (June 18)

With demolition tools in hand, a Seattle artist aims to unlock the city’s cultural potential

“I like Mr. Lundgren’s way of thinking! Inspires me to look at vacant buildings differently, to say nothing of things this not-so-creative person can ‘build the version’ I can, from blackberries along the lake, to litter. It’s what I can do; what can you do?” — SouthendLEB (June 19)

It’s harder to get a driver’s license in Washington than in any other state, study finds

“How hard can the test be? At least half the drivers on the road don’t even know how a four-way stop works, how to merge, or how to navigate the dreaded roundabout.” — Lisa RE (June 20)

“The written test questions should be more straightforward, with clear questions that relate to essential driving skills and laws. I would have no problem with a slightly more challenging skills test that simulates more ‘real-world’ situations: emergency stops, parking, even backing around the corner is an indicator of one’s ability to maneuver the vehicle.” — mr g (June 20)


Danny Westneat column: City Hall’s idea of housing on golf courses? It turns out the people made a law against that

“As to Open Public Meetings, most politicians of every political stripe would like to sidestep that if they could on occasion. Especially when they are in power. That is why we need a strong free press and public advocates. But, we do have a press that is under intense fire from one strand of the political spectrum. There is little fake news coming out of mainstream media outlets. Only news that some people do not like.” — mcpiennett (June 20)

Sound Transit shows off its new, roomier light-rail cars. They’ll go into service next year.

“As a rider who frequently commuted by bike, I appreciate design considerations that take the needs of bicyclists into consideration.” — garyric2000 (June 20)

“The focus should be on bike garages (as mentioned), not carrying your bike on the train. The problem is, the latter doesn’t scale. You can’t have fifty bikes on a subway car. In many cities, bikes on the train are banned during rush hour (because they take up too much space). But a huge bike garage could be built in the Husky Stadium parking lot if the UW agreed to it. ” — RossBI (June 20)

King County Council hiring snafu leads to concerns of patronage, pay equity

“All of this raises a side issue. Why in the world aren’t there conflict of interest rules being enforced at the King County Council?” — Remember the real world (June 21)