With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, who cares if dating in Seattle is infamously tough — there’s no question who our first loves are.

Seattleites, famously smitten with our four-legged friends, have a good chance of celebrating the holiday of love with our furry companions.

Cats big winners in Seattle pandemic pet-adoption surge | FYI Guy (May 2021)

According to the most recent predictions from the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend $23.9 billion on Valentine’s Day — up from $21.8 billion in 2021with just under $1.2 billion on their pets alone.

How will our best friends be gifted? According to the dog food company Wild Earth, 37% of pet parents nationwide will buy a special Valentine’s gift for their pet, 31% will make a special meal for their pet, 26% will dress their pets up for the occasion and 20% do a pet photo shoot to capture the love.

“Much of the growth in Valentine’s Day spending over the last decade has been fueled by consumers’ interest in celebrating the other important relationships in their lives — friends, co-workers and, increasingly, pets,” according to NRF.

Western Washingtonians, you know what to do. Let’s see those cute pictures! You can email them to morningbrief@seattletimes.com.