State payments to jurors vary widely.

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A lawsuit filed this week  claims King County’s expense payment to jurors contributes to the exclusion of poor people and minorities from jury pools because their employers are less likely to pay them for time spent on jury duty.

King County pays $10 per day, which is the lowest amount allowed by Washington state law. The state allows juror pay up to $25 a day.

Each state handles jury payment differently. Some put the responsibility on counties to decide compensation; others set clear rates and pay for travel expenses or mileage, too. Dollar amounts can vary widely.

Here’s a look at how Washington courts’ juror compensation compares with other states (and the federal government):

State,Pay,Additional benefits,Source
Alabama,$10 per day ,$.05 per mile ,”More information
Alaska,$0 first day; $25 per day thereafter ,mileage reimbursed for those traveling more than 30 miles,”More information
Arizona,”$12 per day, unless excused after first day (Jurors serving longer than 5 days can apply for income compensation up to $300 a day)”,mileage reimbursed,”More information
Arkansas,$50 per day,,”More information
California,$15 per day,$.34 per mile,”More information
Colorado,$50 per day (employer pays first three days),,”More information
Connecticut,”Misc. – employers pay regular wage for 5 days, state pays $50 stipend thereafter “,”up to $50 per day for expenses including parking, child care, transportation”,”More information
Delaware,$20 per day ,,”More information
Florida,$15 per day for first three days; $30 per day thereafter,,”More information
Georgia,$5- $50 (determined by county),,”More information
Hawaii,$30 per day,$.33 per mile,”More information
Idaho,$10-50 per day determined by county,mileage reimbursed ,”More information
Illinois,$25 first day; $50 thereafter,,”More information
Indiana,Misc. – varies by county,,”More information
Iowa,$30 per day for seven days; $50 thereafter,travel expenses reimbursed,”More information
Kansas,$10- $50 determined by county,mileage reimbursed,”More information
Kentucky,$12.50 per day ,,”More information
Louisiana,$25 per day,,”More information
Maine,$15 per day,$.15 per mile ,”More information
Maryland,$15 per day for first three days; $30 per day thereafter,$.30 per mile,”More information
Massachusetts,Misc. – employers pay wage for 3 days; state pays $50 stipend thereafter,,”More information
Michigan,$25 for first day; $40 per day thereafter,mileage reimbursed,”More information
Minnesota,$20 per day,$.54 per mile ,”More information
Mississippi,Misc. – unclear,,”More information
Missouri,”$6 per day minimum (more if county chooses additional reimbursement, also for big cities) “,$.7 per mile ,”More information
Montana,”$12 per day minimum, $25 per day if selected for jury”,mileage reimbursed,”More information
Nebraska,$35 per day,mileage reimbursed ,”More information
Nevada,$40 per day after second day of jury selection,mileage reimbursed ,”More information
New Hampshire,$20 per day,$.20 per mile ,”More information
New Jersey,”$5 per day, $40 on fourth day and thereafter; grand jurors get $5 per day “,,”More information
New Mexico,$6.75 per hour,$.46 per mile,”More information
New York,”$40 per day (after 30 days, court can authorize an addition $6 per day)”,,”More information
North Carolina,”$10 for first day, $20 for rest of first week, $40 thereafter; grand jurors get $20 per day “,,”More information
North Dakota,$50 per day,$.54 per mile ,”More information
Ohio,Misc. – varies by county,,”More information
Oklahoma,$20 per day; up to $200 per day if trial qualifies as lengthy ,,”More information
Oregon,$10 per first two days; $25 per day thereafter,$.20 per mile,”More information
Pennsylvania,$9 per day; $25 fourth day and thereafter ,,”More information
Rhode Island,$15 per day,,”More information
South Carolina,Misc. – varies by county,mileage reimbursed,”More information
South Dakota,$10 per day for service; $50 if selected for a case ,$0.37 per mile,”More information
Tennessee,$10 per day ,counties can increase compensation,”More information
Texas,$6-$50 depending on county,”county can compensate for mileage, child care, parking and meals”,”More information
Utah,$18.50 for first day; $49 thereafter,mileage reimbursed for those driving more than 50 miles,”More information
Vermont,$30 per day (juror must request payment),,”More information
Virginia,$30 per day ,,”More information
Washington,$10-25 per day,mileage reimbursement ,”More information
West Virginia,$40 per day,mileage reimbursement ,”More information
Wisconsin,”$16 (at least, varies by county)”,,”More information
Wyoming,$30 per day; $50 after a week (at court’s discretion),mileage reimbursment,”More information
Federal courts,”$40 ($50 for trials lasting more than two weeks)”,,”More information

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