In a recent story about the nationwide trend toward more casual office clothing, we contemplated what that could possibly mean in Seattle, where super-casual dress has always been the norm.

Fleece, cozy jackets, comfy shoes and pajama-like pants have long been favored in the Pacific Northwest, where some might say we’ve always dressed like there’s a pandemic.

What it takes to be considered a true Seattleite and PNW local

But even here, new levels of ease are being sought, it seems.

Earlier this month, we asked readers to share (potentially in haiku form) how their wardrobes have changed and which piece of clothing they’ll never wear again.

Here are some of our favorite responses:

Comfortable shoes
Only shoes for me to wear
Foot pain gone forever

— Dawna Greene Gonzalez

Wool coat, felt hat, good boots — timeless.

— Derek Firenze 

Skirts and heels are great
And yet I cannot return
To underwire bras


— Anonymous

Priming for summer found some “Real” madras shorts! I will never wear wing tip shoes again!!

— Russ

I work in fashion
It is time for new hard pants
Help me be cool, please.

— Geni Venable

Why waste money on ‘cute’ things? Will the end of the era of fast fashion help with climate goals. Thicker fabrics, straighter lines and pockets are the only must haves to look good.

— Anonymous

The heels they are high.
Toes squeeze and pinch; ankles turn.
Men invented them?

— Diane Sugimura

My striped knit blazer
With its lack of construction
Provides comfort, joy

— Ellen Craft

Everything has changed 
Usual outfit today: 
Sweatpants and hoodie. 

We all got smarter 
Fashion is meaningless now 
A silly costume. 

How ridiculous 
To think we had to dress up 
Just to do our job.

— Laurie Riley