Who's the dummy? A woman who was driving in the HOV lane with a dolled-up mannequin in the passenger seat gave a trooper a fright -- and earned herself two tickets on Friday.

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A woman who was caught driving in the HOV lane with a dolled-up mannequin gave a Washington State Patrol trooper quite a fright Friday morning.

And he rewarded her with a pair of traffic tickets.

Trooper Mark Francis said the woman was driving south on Interstate 5 in Lynnwood around 8 a.m. when she was pulled over for speeding. Seated next to her in the passenger seat was what appeared to be a lifeless body, Francis said.

“The trooper who pulled her over had once stopped a woman who was driving around with her husband’s dead body in the car and he thought that’s what he was seeing again,” said Francis.

The trooper looked at “passenger’s” legs, which were covered with a blanket, and saw they weren’t moving. Nor did he see any evidence of breathing, Francis said.

“He asked her, ‘What’s up with your passenger?’ and she said, ‘Nothing,’ ” Francis said. “So then he said, ” ‘Tell him or her to sit up’ and she said, ‘I can’t.’ ”

That’s when the trooper realized the “passenger” was a mannequin with heavy makeup and dressed in a hoodie, Francis said.

On a positive note, it was a Seahawks hoodie.

The woman was cited for speeding and a HOV violation, Francis said.