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Officials executed a difficult horse rescue on Tuesday, lifting an 800-pound Norwegian fjord out of a deep Redmond ravine without any injuries.

But the most incredible part, says the stable’s owner, is how caretakers found the horse — with the help of a telepathic animal communicator.

Gemma, a 4-year-old with a history of escaping and other behavior problems, apparently got out of her stall at the Saddle Rock Stables, in the 24000 block of Northeast 115th Street, and slipped 70 feet into a steep ravine nearby before settling on a ledge.

Owner Barbara Linstedt said caretakers searched for her for hours before getting connected to acclaimed horse communicator Joan Ranquet on Monday night.

Ranquet apparently communicated via telepathy with Gemma and determined she was in a tight space near shrubbery and could hear road noise and water, Linstedt said.

Linstedt knew that meant the shelf in the ravine.

She and the others looked there and immediately saw Gemma.

Rescuers waited until the morning to move in.

They got the horse out Tuesday afternoon by putting a helmet and harness on her, setting up pulleys and pulling her up.

About 60 rescuers from nine state agencies and nonprofits participated in the effort, which was led by the Washington State Animal Response Team.

Gemma was reportedly doing well Tuesday night.

“It’s amazing,” Linstedt said. “It’s an absolute miracle that we found her and got her out.”

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