Mason County authorities say the Belfair homeowner was arrested on investigation of second-degree murder. The victim worked for the Northshore School District in Bothell.

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A Belfair homeowner was arrested Saturday on investigation of second-degree murder after shooting an intruder who was taking a shower, said the Mason County Sheriff’s Office.

Nathaniel Rosa, 31, was shot on East Trails Road just after 8 a.m. Rosa worked for the Northshore School District in Bothell, and was staying nearby with his mother, Mason County Coroner Wes Stockwell said she told him.

Sheriff’s Lt. Travis Adams said the shooter owns both properties and runs an internet business on the second property. When he went to the second property, he found a window screen removed, a door kicked in, and Rosa in the shower. They exchanged words, Adams said.

Detectives say the homeowner went home, got a gun, then shot Rosa multiple times through the shower curtain.

Late Saturday afternoon, faced with angry tweets, the Sheriff’s Office tweeted, “Lots of reactions to the arrest. There is more to the story that can not be released yet. You may reserve your judgement until facts are out.”