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The Seattle area’s homelessness crisis is one of the most talked about and documented issues in the Puget Sound. 

Seattle and King County, by the last official count, has the third-largest homeless population in the U.S. per capita, dwarfed only by Los Angeles and New York City.

This crisis has become commonplace to the people who live here — whether you have experienced it yourself or relate to it from seeing others living in places not meant for human habitation like under tarps or along highway medians.

But just because homelessness is top of mind, that doesn’t mean that all of your questions are being answered.  

The Seattle Times Project Homeless team wants to hear what you want to know about homelessness to help guide our reporting this year.

Do you have questions about homelessness that you feel haven’t been answered? Theories or strategies that you think no one is talking about? Share them with us in the form below, and we’ll follow-up and let you know if your curiosity helps to inspire future journalism. 

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