Almost 500 of your questions have poured in since we launched Ask Project Homeless six weeks ago. Now, it’s time to choose which one you want us to answer.

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When we asked for your questions about homelessness, you sent us a lot of responses — almost 500, in fact.

Other frequently asked questions

And that makes sense; there’s a lot to wonder about. Since we first asked for your questions at our Ignite Project Homeless event on June 7, we’ve reported on homelessness quadrupling in Ballard, King County officials considering using FEMA-style tents as shelters, and of course, Seattle’s heated head-tax fight.

Because readers submitted so many questions, we’re asking you to vote on some of the ones we saw popping up the most. The question you choose is the one we’ll investigate.

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You can vote on which question you want answered here:


Got a question besides those above? Submit it here, and we’ll consider it for future voting rounds:

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