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Project Homeless recently asked Seattle Times readers what they wanted to understand about homelessness. After more than 900 questions and almost 5,000 votes, we narrowed down a few questions and tried to answer them: “Why don’t police enforce laws against camping in Seattle’s parks and streets?“, “What would it cost to house and provide treatment for Seattle’s homeless?” and, most recently, “How many homeless people in Seattle are from here?


Now we’ve got more questions Seattle Times readers sent in for you to vote on. This round is focused on what it will take to fix homelessness — from our government and from our citizenry. You can vote on which question you want us to answer in the module below, or, if you’re on our mobile app, vote at this link.

Do you have a question besides those above? Submit it below or, if you’re on our mobile app, submit it here, and we’ll consider it for future voting rounds: