Tent City 3, a tent camp that found itself homeless weeks ago, will move to Tukwila’s Riverton Park United Methodist Church on Sept. 7.

“It is a huge relief that we’ll be able to go to Tukwila. We are really tired, though,” said Michelle Atwood, who helps lead the camp of nearly 50 people. “It was a heavy burden to move this camp, and to move again [in three weeks] … but we’ll do it.”

Tent City 3, Seattle’s oldest sanctioned tent city, moved to city-controlled land along Interstate 5 in the Ravenna neighborhood on Aug. 17 after its existing city permit, at a University District church, expired. The camp, run by the activist group SHARE/WHEEL, has moved an estimated 90 times in its 20-year existence and routinely gets city permits to stay at host churches or universities for set amounts of time.

The Methodist church in Tukwila invited Tent City 3 to stay after reading about their plight in The Seattle Times, according to Atwood. The church has hosted Tent City 3 before.

Tent City 3 leadership met with Deputy Seattle Mayor David Moseley to notify the city Monday, and Moseley and the city indicated the tent city could stay in Ravenna until Sept. 7, according to Atwood. The city has no plans at this time to move them before then.

“It was a productive meeting,” said Will Lemke, a spokesperson for City Hall.