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Highway 2 is still closed from Stevens Pass to Leavenworth. Traffic can still reach the summit from the west, but drivers trying to go east of that will have to use alternate routes such as US 97 Blewett Pass to I-90 over Snoqualmie Pass, according to the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Traction tires are still advised for open areas of the highway, which are still expected to be icy.

Dozens of snow-laden trees are still leaning over the highway and a Christmas Day snowstorm is expected to weigh even more trees down with as much as eight more inches of snow, according to WSDOT. Downed trees have killed two people and injured nine since Friday, in a pair of crashes about 15 miles east of the pass.

“At least four more large trees crashed to the roadway overnight, and there is no way to estimate a reopening time,” said WSDOT regional administrator Dan Sarles in a statement. “Given what has happened at the pass, this is the right decision to make for the safety of drivers and our workers.”

If the hazardous tree conditions persist, WSDOT says they’ll try using a helicopter to blow snow from the trees on Wednesday.

Conditions at Snoqualmie Pass are good today. Crews will be doing their best to keep Snoqualmie Pass clear while as much as 10 inches of snow falls there Christmas Day.

To check for updates on mountain pass conditions, check WSDOT’s website.