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In a highly anticipated court ruling released Thursday morning, the Washington State Supreme Court agreed the state is failing to meet its constitutional duty to fully fund education and said it would retain jurisdiction to make sure the Legislature does so.

But the court did not require the Legislature to take specific action to remedy the situation, as some education advocates had hoped. Instead, it ordered the state to provide updates on how it is addressing the problem.

“While we recognize that the issue is complex and no option may prove wholly satisfactory, this is not a reason for the judiciary to throw up its hands and offer no remedy at all. Ultimately, it is our responsibility to hold the State accountable to meet its constitutional duty,” according to a ruling signed by a majority of justices.  “Accordingly, we direct the parties to provide further briefing to this court addressing the preferred method for retaining jurisdiction.”

The ruling leaves further action up to the Legislature. Lawmakers have passed a law, House Bill 2261, that says they will fully fund education by 2018.

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