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Sketched Oct. 26, 2016

The Seattle Central Libray is one of my favorite places to hunker down when it’s gray and rainy outside.

I’m always drawn to the row of shelves on the eighth floor where all my favorite books about drawing and illustration can be found.

The books aren’t the only attraction, though. I also enjoy looking through the diamond-shaped grid that envelops the building. Each opening frames an interesting composition, often revealing something I had not seen before. This visit, I noticed the word “CIELO,” sky in Spanish, written at the top of a high-rise in the distance.

For the longest time I thought you had to live within Seattle city limits to get a library card. But there are other ways to qualify, including working within the Library’s free service areas or having a library card from most of the regional public libraries. For more info, check the library’s website at

What’s your favorite rainy-day hangout spot?