The wedding march may become Kirkland's new anthem, if the city's dreams of mass "I do's" in 2005 come true. To help celebrate its 100th anniversary, the city is inviting 100 couples...

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The wedding march may become Kirkland’s new anthem, if the city’s dreams of mass “I do’s” in 2005 come true.

To help celebrate its 100th anniversary, the city is inviting 100 couples to spread the love by getting married or renewing their vows in ceremonies at two picturesque city landmarks.

Beginning Monday, the city will begin registering couples who want to marry, or renew their vows, on April 30 as part of 100 Weddings in Kirkland — a Centennial Event.

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The plan is for 25 couples to get married in the city’s historic Heritage Hall and 75 married couples to renew their vows at the Marina Park pavilion overlooking Lake Washington. The day of weddings is one of more than 20 events the city has planned to celebrate its centennial.

The city is hoping the event will appeal to couples looking for a tasteful yet inexpensive — $100 per couple — ceremony and who don’t mind sharing the memories with 99 other couples, said Nicci Osborn, a Kirkland parks coordinator who is overseeing the event.

For that price, couples getting married at Heritage Hall will receive a traditional wedding ceremony by a judge, a picture of themselves in front of the hall, and an invitation for the pair to attend an evening reception with appetizers and cake at Waimea Brewing Co. in downtown Kirkland. Up to 12 guests can be invited to the wedding, and for a fee, one or two guests can come to the reception.

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For more information or to register to participate in the 100 Weddings in Kirkland event on April 30, contact Nicci Osborn, Kirkland parks coordinator, at 425-587-3342 or

Couples renewing their vows will receive two pictures — one of themselves and another class-style photo of the whole group. They also are invited to the reception.

The couples don’t need to be from Kirkland, only willing to share in its celebration, Osborn said. Osborn herself is thinking of joining the fun. She and her husband will celebrate their 15th anniversary April 21 and are considering renewing their vows.

“I might just tear my wedding dress out of its box — I haven’t pulled it out in 15 years,” she said. “My husband thinks it’s a fun idea. Well, he’s more of the type that he’ll go along with whatever his wife thinks is a fun idea.”

Nancy Aims and her husband, David, also are planning to renew their vows as part of the ceremony. For Aims, the pavilion has special significance.

“That’s the very spot my husband asked me to marry him,” said Aims, who will celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary in July.

Retired District Court Judge Carolyn Hayek is on the event’s planning committee, and is one of three judges who will perform the ceremonies.

“I thought it sounded a little strange when I heard it at first,” Hayek said. “But I think it’s a fun way to give lots of people a way to participate in a centennial event, and a way to show off the city and inspire people to have other events like this in the city in the future.”

Hayek’s personal record for marrying couples on a single day is eight — so helping to perform at least three times as many will require a strict timeline, she said.

“We’ll schedule the ceremonies about 15 minutes apart,” Hayek said. “The ceremony itself will take about five minutes, but you need time to register, walk down the aisle, etc.”

The event also may help promote the city as a good place to get married, said Joie Goodwin, a wedding planner on the centennial planning committee who suggested the idea.

“I thought this event would be a great way to share our beautiful city,” she said. “And this is a way for people to get married inexpensively but with a big bang.”

A number of local businesses such as caterers, bridal and formal-wear shops, hair salons and reception venues have already formed the Kirkland Wedding Network. A list of vendors is available at online.

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