Help name a baby lemur!

The red ruffed lemur triplets were born at Woodland Park Zoo on March 29 to 4-year-old first-time mother Sally, and now they’re ready for names.

The zoo is running a poll asking people to help name one of the trio from among four Malagasy words. Here are the nominations and their translations:

  • Lanitra (law-NEE-truh): Sky
  • Masoandro (mas-oh-AND-roh): Sun
  • Orana (oh-RAW-nuh): Rain
  • Ravina (ruh-VEE-nuh): Leaf

Malagasy is the national language of Madagascar, where red ruffed lemurs originate. In fact, all species of lemur — primates that evolved separately from apes and monkeys — are native to the island nation. They appear nowhere else in the wild.

The other two triplets’ names will be chosen privately by zoo donors from among other Malagasy names, the zoo said.

The genders of the babies, who were fathered by one of two 14-year-old brothers who live in Sally’s group, are not yet known, the zoo said.

The triplets are the first lemurs to be born at the zoo in 16 years. The zoo’s lemur breeding program was coordinated through the Association of Museums and Aquariums, which aims to preserve threatened animal populations. Lemurs are critically endangered.

The naming poll will accept votes through 3 p.m. Thursday. You can cast yours here.