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Fit & Fun

It’s probably been a while since you climbed a tree. Here’s your chance.

Once a month from now through November, Canopy Climbers will host an “open climb.” It’s a way to explore recreational climbing and literally get in touch with nature.

Climbers will be fitted with harnesses, helmets and gloves. Most of the rope-and-saddle climbs take place in Volunteer Park, last about 40 minutes and cost $20. The next climb will be May 25, but Canopy Climbers also arranges special climbs for one or two people at a time or a larger group.

The climbs are managed by owner Dave Bayard, a professional arborist with a degree in sustainable international development and a goal of spurring stewardship.

Bayard chose urban trees to climb because he wants people to realize that “nature is here, not somewhere else.”

Just about all ages are welcomed, but he especially hopes to engage youth from traditionally undeserved communities.

You should check out the company’s website to reserve a climb and learn more details:

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