A preschool in Monroe that closed for several days last week after two girls were sickened by E. coli reopened Monday.

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A preschool in Monroe that closed for several days last week due to an E.coli infection reopened Monday.

Two girls who attend the Monroe Montessori School, both under 5, were hospitalized with the infection, leaving 60 students and staff possibly exposed. Since the closure, the school was required to completely clean several rooms and worked with the Snohomish Health District to reopen.

Dr. Gary Goldbaum, the public-health officer and director of the Snohomish Health District, said the children may have been exposed to livestock near their homes. He said livestock and petting zoos are common areas of infection.

“It was not from the school,” she said. “They were sick outside of school.”

The school has opened only to students who are out of diapers, as the infection is more easily spread through fecal matter.

Health-district spokeswoman Heather Thomas said the department has received roughly 45 test results of both students and faculty, and expects the remainder of the tests by Wednesday morning.

As students’ tests come back clear, they’ll be permitted to return.

A positive test would require “further investigation,” according to Thomas.

In the meantime, the health district is trying to help prevent further issues.

“We had staff on hand working with the kids and the teachers learning about proper hand-washing,” Thomas said. “They’re observing and making sure that it was done right at all times.”