The 4-by-3-inch card stock frustratingly doesn’t fit in most wallets. But it’s an essential document that quickly may become an entry pass in everyday life.

Since the vaccine rollout started in Washington state, showing proof of immunity has been more commonplace. Whether it’s a condition of employment — as it is now for most state employees and health care workers — or an entry requirement for a growing number of bars and restaurants, people may find themselves needing to prove they have received their shots.

But if you’ve lost your vaccination card — don’t panic.

If the physical card has been misplaced, there are other ways to show proof in Washington. The state Department of Health says an official record of vaccination can be any of the following:

  • A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 vaccination card, or a photo of one.
  • A printout from the Washington State Immunization Information System.
  • A screenshot or Certificate of Immunization Status from MyIR or MyIR Mobile.
  • A verified electronic medical record printout from your medical provider.

The CDC vaccination card is the most common form of proof, said Public Health – Seattle & King County spokesperson Gabriel Spitzer. The vendor-run MyIR should be able to find your record based on your name, birthday, phone and email, he said.

What to know about Washington state’s COVID vaccine mandate for state employees, health care workers

MyIR won’t provide a new copy of your vaccination card, but instead, will give you either a free copy of your entire vaccination record or a COVID-19 vaccination certificate.


If you don’t have an account, sign up at For any issues, a hotline specialist can be reached at 833-VAX-HELP. You can also email or use the website’s chat feature.

If you can’t find your record through MyIR, that does not mean your vaccination record doesn’t exist. There may be a delay before your information is on the state’s database, which is then imported to the MyIR website.

If someone got vaccinated by a Washington state provider, their vaccination record should be transmitted to the state’s Immunization Information System within 72 hours, according to DOH.

While any of these documents should do the trick, individuals determined to have a physical card can go back to their vaccination provider with identification and ask a clinic supervisor for a new card.

If you lose your card between doses, officials advise not to miss your second dose.

Vaccination providers and the state are keeping track of administered vaccinations.

If you got vaccinated outside of Washington, the CDC provides a list of contact information for each state’s immunization information system. Several states also provide fully authenticated vaccination records, and Walmart and CVS offer digital records of shots administered at their locations.

If you take a photo of your card, be sure to get both front and back. While you can laminate a copy, officials recommend you don’t alter the original card.