A Pierce County man diagnosed with measles spent time while contagious in both Pierce and King counties last week, including Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, health officials said Sunday evening.

The man, in his 40s, was at Sea-Tac Airport much of the day from May 6 through May 10, including locations within the main parking garage, the breezeway on the 4th level to the escalator, baggage-claim area and around gate A10. Health officials have posted online a specific list of the man’s whereabouts during the time he was contagious.

“Measles is a cause for serious concern for anyone who does not have immunity,” Anthony L-T Chen, director of health for the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, said in a statement. “We urge those people to determine if they were at any of the locations where they may have been exposed.”

The Pierce County man was not hospitalized and is recovering at home, health officials said. He wasn’t exposed to the disease by a resident of British Columbia who traveled to Seattle in late April who was diagnosed with measles. That man, also in his 40s, has since recovered, officials said.

Measles, which can cause fever, rash and red watery eyes, is highly contagious and spreads quickly through the air after a cough or sneeze. The virus can remain in the air for up to two hours after someone with the disease leaves the area.