SYDNEY (AP) — Personal trainers have turned a waterfront park into an outdoor gym to get around Sydney’s pandemic lockdown restrictions.

Gymgoers work out among onlookers walking their dogs in this picturesque open-air setting in suburban Rushcutters Bay, sometimes under portable pergolas if rain is threatening.

Personal trainer Matt Cook says people are over Zoom meetings so he opted for personal contact with clients.

“A lot of trainers are offering classes through Zoom,” Cook said. ”But I’ve chosen to do the one-on-one, face-to-face approach outdoors.”

Cook has been setting up his equipment at Reg Bartley Park at 5 a.m. each day since the Sydney lockdown began in late June.

Gyms are set to reopen in a few weeks as vaccination rates rise.

“I think everyone’s excited to get back inside,” Cook said. “Even though outdoors is great, there are still a few downsides, the weather being one of them.”