Burlesque performers danced for people watching from their cars in Las Vegas. Moviegoers took in a film from the trunk of their hatchback in a rural part of New York state.

Americans sought entertainment while abiding by restrictions meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Elsewhere, in the U.S. and Europe, more and more people emerged from lockdown. Spain, for instance, eased many rules over the past week.

But the changes did not come fast enough for many. In Pennsylvania, protesters demonstrated at the state Capitol against the stay-at-home order.

Roughly half of Spain’s 47 million people shifted to looser restrictions over the past week, beginning to socialize, shop in small stores and sit outdoors at restaurants. But the major cities of Madrid and Barcelona remained under lockdown.

Still, even those areas saw some signs of improvement. A funeral home in Barcelona closed a temporary morgue it had set up inside its parking garage to handle the overflow of corpses. The last coffin was removed and buried Sunday.