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Sketched Sept. 3, 2017

When I arrived at the Columbia Center Sky View observatory on Sunday with my family, I didn’t recognize the space. My memory from a visit in the late 2000s is that of a tight corridor that offered a partial panoramic of the city’s surrounding landscape.

Now you can walk all along the windows for a full, 360-degree view of a city in motion and the amazing landscape that surrounds it.

The amount of activity we could spot from Seattle’s tallest skyscraper kept us entertained for several hours. We could see the stands of Safeco Field filled with fans, tugboats pushing a container ship and ferries coming and going from Colman Dock, not to mention the mesmerizing flow of traffic along I-5.

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As sunset approached, we witnessed a cloud of smoke coming from wildfires burning in Canada and Eastern Washington turn red and purple before blending into the dark sky.

I wasn’t planning to sketch, but then I thought I’d remember this visit better than the last one if I did, so I took out my iPad and started drawing.