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Sketched Oct. 25, 2015

In the nearly 20 Halloweens since I moved to the United States, I thought I had experienced most of the seasonal entertainment one can enjoy this time of year: the haunted houses, the hay rides, the corn mazes.

But I had missed a big one: pumpkin chucking!

When it comes to hurling the orange fruit hundreds of feet, creativity is important. Some use slingshots and trebuchets. Others bring on some serious artillery like these compressed-air pumpkin cannons my daughter and I encountered at Carleton Farm in Lake Stevens last Sunday.

A farm employee said the cannon is so popular that some people rent them to use at wedding receptions.

You may still be able to wrap up the Halloween weekend with a bang as fall festivities at most area farms continue through Sunday. Go fire up those leftover pumpkins that weren’t lucky enough to make it as jack-o’-lanterns or delicious pies.