Gov. Jay Inslee defends his position on welcoming Syrian refugees to the state on NPR's Morning Edition.

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Gov. Jay Inslee attracted national attention when he stated Monday that Washington will welcome Syrian refugees with open arms.

His statement was a response to a number of other governors around the country who took a strong anti-refugee stance.

Now, the Olympia chapter of the organization ACT for America is planning to rally at noon Friday against Syrian refugees coming to the state. And local Syrians — like engineer Hussein Ali — are in shock.

National Public Radio’s Steve Inskeep interviewed Inslee on Morning Edition for an item that aired Wednesday.

Inslee said, “I’m glad the U.S. Air Force dropped a whole load of ammunition under the area controlled by ISIS in the last 48 hours; that’s a good thing. But we also have to win the moral battle, and that’s a battle of hope and a vision for the future where we can live together.”

Listen to the full interview below.