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Sketched Jan. 6, 2012

As I mentioned in my last post, The Seattle Times newsroom is moving. When I arrived at work today, my computer and a couple of boxes with sketchbooks and art supplies were already in my new space.

I won’t miss the old newsroom space much, but I will miss the expansive view of the South Lake Union neighborhood I’ve enjoyed from my desk since 2006. I made sure to sketch it one more time last Friday in the drawing you see above as a great way to remember five exciting years at The Times so far.

Below are some other sketches I’ve done over the years from the same vantage point.

lakeunionview 08.jpg
view oct 07m.jpg

Have you ever sketched the view from your window? Or taken a photograph? It’s an interesting exercise to see time unfold through the same perspective, over the time of the day, over different seasons and over the years.