Glassblowing artists gathered in South Lake Union on Friday to begin practicing for what they hope will become the world's largest bong.

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What better way to celebrate 4/20 than by creating the world’s largest bong?

That’s exactly what Jason Harris and a group of glassblowing artists from around the country prepared to do Friday at a rented studio in South Lake Union, beginning a three-day process of blowing what will ultimately yield a 24-foot tall, 800-pound bong.

“We’re making super-massive, surreal bongs,” said Jason Harris of Jerome Baker Designs, who organized the massive blow. “We have a team of glass blowers here. Fifteen people are here. Everybody has a position and everybody works with hot glass.

“Happy 4/20, everybody,” he said.

The team was not actually blowing the world’s largest bong on Friday. Instead, they were blowing a couple of 8- to 9-foot, 90-pound bongs as a warmup to what will be a colossal effort on Saturday and Sunday to create the 800-pound giant. Once done, the record-breaking bong will be shipped in pieces to Las Vegas and put together at the Cannabition museum in the downtown Las Vegas Arts District.

The bong will feature hookahlike attachments and actually be smokeable, according to Chris Davison, co-owner of Jerome Baker Designs.