A chandelier, a dining-room set, a trip to Iceland: The Goss family’s winning ways began in 1998.

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Meet the Goss family, with now three — yes, three — winners of “The Price is Right.”

Tina Goss, of Chehalis, won the showcase in an episode taped Nov. 6, but she wasn’t allowed to tell anyone until it aired last Tuesday. Tina, who works as a trainer at Thorbeckes gyms, records the game show every day at home to watch later.

“We all play along, and you’re rooting for the people to win. That’s the thing — when you’re in the audience, yes you’re trying to get up there, but you’re also like ‘Oh my gosh, I stood in line with that person for four hours,’ ” she said. “Everyone was rooting for everyone.”

The Goss family’s winning ways began in 1998, when Tina’s husband Bret’s mother, Darlene, won a chandelier and dining-room set on the show.

Tina and Bret first tried to go to a taping in 2005, but they got food poisoning on the trip and never made it. (“By the time we barely felt well we were on a plane, so the whole trip was a bust,” she said.)

They went again in 2013, which is when Bret won the showcase. He took home an outdoor fire pit, a trip to Iceland and a Chevrolet Sonic.

In November, Tina and Darlene both made it into the audience and past the producer who picks who gets to play.

“I think it’s a combination of having a good story, being engaging, knowing and loving the game. … Having a good shirt doesn’t hurt,” Tina said.

Tina was picked to play a game in which contestants guess the price range for an item — in her case, a trip for two to Granada, Spain. On the show Goss wobbles her knees and looks nervous, but the self-described “superfan” knew what to listen for — the trip was for how many nights? at what kind of hotel? flying coach or first class? — to make an educated guess.

She guessed $12,670 to $12,820. The actual prize value was $12,749.

When it came time for the showcase round, Goss came closest to guessing the price of a Jeep Renegade, a trip for two and a $3,000 shopping spree at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, and a pave diamond ring set, all of which she took home. Her guess: $26,707. Prize value: $29,513.

The Gosses plan to take the trip to Spain in April for their 20th wedding anniversary.