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Sketched Jan. 11, 12:24 p.m.
In May of 2010, the creepy clown sign that adorned the roof of the Funhouse pub near Seattle Center was vandalized. Two thoughts came to mind when I read the news on Seattle Weekly. First: What idiot would do that and why? Second: Why didn’t I sketch it when I first saw it? The sharp-toothed, cheeky face always struck me as quintessential weird Seattle.
But walking by the other day, I saw that the clown has come back from the dead. While he has retained his trademark top hat and pointy denture, his face is now a cracked skull with bulging green eyes. He looks mad. Who could blame him after what they did to him?
According to this KOMO News story, the new sign was installed last April, almost a year after the original one was damaged beyond repair.