A truck carrying 45,000 pounds of frozen food overturned on Interstate 90 near Rainier Avenue.

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A semi-truck was pulled upright after it overturned on westbound Interstate 90 this afternoon, blocking all lanes of traffic and threatening another carmageddon commute Tuesday afternoon.

Around 3:40 p.m., the lanes were reopened. But a notice from the Washington State Department of Transportation warned Tuesday afternoon commuters of continued delays, spanning from the accident site near Rainier Avenue South to Mercer Island and totaling 5.5 miles.

The state transportation agency dispatched a loader and two Class C tow trucks after the truck toppled — the rig landed on its side, almost perfectly perpendicular to the highway and covering the interstate from shoulder to shoulder.

It appeared the scene would take hours to clear, as the truck was reportedly loaded with 45,000 pounds of frozen food that would have to be offloaded.

Initially, WSDOT had hoped to use the loader to shove the truck to one side and open up a lane or two. However, the heavy equipment made quick work of the problem, getting the truck back on its wheels in the space of an hour.

“All traffic is being exited at Rainier Avenue. We’re pushing everybody to use 520 or other routes,” said Mike Allende of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), shortly after the accident.

At one point, traffic was backed up beyond Lake Washington, according to a tweet from WSDOT.

In a tweet, Washington State Patrol spokesman Trooper Chris Webb said no one was injured in the crash.