Artist Louise Bourgeois' fountain "Father and Son" is up and running full-time at Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park after many...

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Artist Louise Bourgeois’ fountain “Father and Son” is up and running full-time at Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park after many construction delays.

Two life-sized stainless-steel figures — a father and young son — reach for each other but are obscured by fountains that reveal first one, then the other. As the fountains shift each hour, a bell tolls the time.

The fountains rise to 20 feet, but you may find variation in the water height on windy days, says park manager Leila Wilke. To prevent heavy spray, they drop to a lower level if the wind reaches 9 mph and shut off at winds around 20 mph.

“We’re still tweaking it,” Wilke said of efforts to keep the fountain safe for visitors and still keep it running as much as possible.

In other sculpture-park news, architects Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi of New York have earned another award for its design.

Harvard University announced that Weiss/Manfredi won the prestigious Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design. The $50,000 award, to be presented in December, also includes a book and exhibition on Weiss/Manfredi’s work.

The Green Prize is given every other year and is known as the foremost award in the field of urban design. It had never before been given to a project in the United States.

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