The former Pasco police chief is getting a new kidney.

Doctors for Bob Metzger have found a donor to replace one of his damaged kidneys. Surgery is set for May 4.

Metzger discovered about 20 years ago that he suffers from chronic kidney disease.

The condition eventually shuts down a person’s kidneys. It affects 37 million adults in the United States.

Treatment can slow the condition, but not cure it. Over time, the condition forces patients to have dialysis, a multi-hour procedure, several days a week.

The Tri-City Herald ran a story after Metzger took to Facebook to ask for help finding a replacement. So many people offered to help that the hospital stopped being able to take any more names.

“I cannot adequately tell you all how much your prayers and support have meant to Linda and I these past few months,” Metzger said in a Facebook post. “Since I put this information out I have received an outpouring of support that was overwhelming.”

While he knows some of the people that offered to help, he is sure that there are many more that he is not aware of.

“To all of you, my deepest thanks,” he said. “I felt a great comfort during this time.”