The porch of John Berglund's Auburn home was firebombed on Saturday night, and he wants to know why.

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Someone firebombed the porch of an Auburn home late Saturday, but police and fire officials still aren’t sure who is responsible, or why.

John Berglund was dozing when a noise woke him up at 11:32 p.m.

“I looked over, and the front of my house was on fire,” he said. “It was lit up.”

Berglund had his neighbors call 911 and put out the fire. When Auburn police arrived, they confirmed someone had doused a rag or towel with what appeared to be diesel fuel and tossed it onto the porch along with kindling.

“It was pretty clear that it was an incendiary devise of some kind,” said police Cmdr. Mike Hirman.

Hirman said there is no evidence that Berglund has enemies, but the manager of his manufactured-home park said disgruntled former residents may have attacked the wrong home.

Berglund expressed frustration at the way the investigation was handled. Fire investigators weren’t dispatched to the scene at all. The police officer who was didn’t save the evidence — he took pictures and told the homeowner to throw the rags away, Berglund said.

Hirman said Valley Regional Fire Authority investigates arsons.

Mike Gerber, deputy chief for Valley Fire, said his department didn’t learn of the fire for 24 hours, when it heard about it through another channel.

“We don’t have all the facts in yet, but the way the call was assigned to police department was not as a fire,” he said. “The officer got on scene and could have made a judgment call to get ahold of the fire department, but there was no fire at the time, so the call was never made.”

Investigators have since been out and are trying to determine the cause.

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