A Tacoma restaurant was destroyed Tuesday night by a fire that sent firefighters fleeing from the building just before the roof collapsed, according to the Fire Department.

The fire department says the blaze was “suspicious” and is being investigated by the arson unit.

Crews were called about 11 p.m. to the 8400 block of South Hosmer Street, where the back of Great Wall Buffet had caught fire.

Firefighters immediately entered the restaurant to make sure nobody was inside.

While inside, they noticed the roof looked unstable and ordered all crews out moments before the roof collapsed.

No one was injured.

It took hours before all flames were extinguished, with the department calling the fire “stubborn” on its Twitter account.

Investigators have not determined what caused the fire.

“We treat this as our second home and now something like this happens,” restaurant manager Nicholas Walker told KOMO. “It’s really bad.”