Washington homeless-prevention programs will receive more than $58 million in new grants, federal authorities said. Nearly $2 billion was awarded nationwide to fight the crisis.

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The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development is sending an influx of cash to fight homelessness in Washington state, it announced Tuesday.

More than $58 million in grants will be provided to 191 health centers, nonprofits and municipalities to fight homelessness across the state. The grants are awarded annually as part of a federal effort to reduce the number of people living without shelter.

Organizations like the Seattle Rapid Rehousing for Families Project, Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC) and other homelessness prevention and reduction programs operating in King County will receive about $34.4 million, the department said.

The funding is critical to organizations like DESC that provide services to the homeless, said executive director Daniel Malone. The organization operates several facilities┬ádesigned to help people transition out of homelessness, including a shelter for alcoholics in downtown Seattle. “If we didn’t get it, it would be devastating,” he said.

Nationwide, HUD awarded nearly $2 billion in grants to fight the crisis.