Steven Powell, convicted of voyeurism this year on evidence he'd taken photos of neighbor girls in the bath, had some 4,500 photos of his daughter-in-law, the missing Utah mother Susan Powell, on a computer at his home

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TACOMA — Thousands of images seized from the home of Susan Powell’s father-in-law show the missing Utah mother as she walks in public and sits in her car — apparently unaware of the camera.

The photos, some of which are sexually suggestive, were obtained under public-records laws Thursday by The Associated Press, three years after Powell went missing.

Authorities uncovered the files while serving a search warrant last year at the home where her husband, Josh Powell, and father-in-law, Steve Powell, were living. Josh Powell killed himself and the couple’s two young children earlier this year.

Some of the images, including those of neighbor girls bathing, helped convict Steve Powell of voyeurism this year.

Others show a variety of women, apparently unaware they’re being photographed.

Powell was not charged with any crimes related to images of Susan Powell, but the files show she was often the focus of his lens. There are images of her walking through parking lots or sitting in her car. A computer at his home held nearly 4,500 images of her.

Some zoom in on her crotch or backside, including photos taken through blinds as she bends over to do laundry. None show her naked.

In journals that authorities have also made public, Powell describes himself as a “voyeur” and Susan as an “exhibitionist.” He writes about taking sexual pleasure in looking at images of her.