The first storm of the fall season will linger through Sunday, with more rain expected in Western Washington, according to the National Weather Service.

Lightning and winds lashed trees and, at its height midafternoon Saturday, the storm left at least 40,000 people without power in and around Seattle.

The showers should continue through Sunday night, although with less wind, said National Weather Service meteorologist Dana Felton. There’s a chance there will be more thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening.

By Monday, the sun could be back.

There may be another system Wednesday, but it will be “much weaker than what we just saw,” Felton said. By next weekend, the weather is expected to be mostly sunny, with highs in the 70s.

The storm that started Friday delivered more than 4.5 inches of rain to parts of the Olympic Peninsula and more than an inch in the Seattle area by Saturday evening. Winds gusted as high as 63 mph in northern Puget Sound.

After a break Saturday morning, thunderstorms began rolling in by afternoon. The weather service projected an additional one-quarter to 1 inch of rain through Sunday night, with the highest totals expected in the Olympic Peninsula, South Puget Sound and Cascade foothills. The Seattle area is likely to get an additional half-inch.

Snow levels are expected to fall to 6,000 feet, bringing the first mountain snow of the season.

Staff reporter Asia Fields contributed to this report.