EDMONDS, Wash. (AP) — Two fraudulent COVID-19 testing sites appeared north of Seattle in downtown Edmonds Tuesday and local police are warning people to be alert.

Edmonds police Sgt. Josh McClure said one phony testing site was in front of a Starbucks and the other was near the ferry terminal, The Daily Herald reported.

The sites have since been removed. McClure said police had not cited or arrested anyone as of Wednesday afternoon and are continuing to investigate.

The fake sites were set up with a folding table and medical-appearing paraphernalia and fraudulent health care workers instructed people to provide their names, birthdays, and other personal information, McClure said.

“They had forms, clipboards and stuff to make it look very official,” McClure said.

People were told they’d receive test results back in two days. People who thought the sites seemed hastily prepared contacted police.


Legitimate test sites can be found on an official city government website or information source, McClure said.

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Other fake COVID-19 testing sites have been reported in states including Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky and New York, according to the AARP Fraud Watch Network.